Caravel On Wheels is a brand of Eduardo Martins & C. Lda., A Portuguese company based in Chiado with more than 100 years of history. In 2016 it launches the Caravel on Wheels brand and starts the operation of a regular tourist circuit in Lisbon, the Caravela circuit. Licensed as a passenger transport operator by IMT – Institute of Mobility and Transport, as activities and tours agent by Turismo de Portugal and with a regular tourist circuit licensed by CML – Lisbon City Council, our buses run every day in Lisbon in regular service or special occasional services for groups.


Caravel on Wheels, is a bus tour that makes a difference in the segment of tours and sightseeing in Lisbon. History takes on a fundamental role and the technology adopted allows passengers to visualize the history of Lisbon in the place where it happened.

As we travel through the city, short videos are shot that tell the story of the neighborhood, the monument or the museum that we are going through on the individual tablets installed on the buses. Each passenger receives free headsets and has an interactive tablet in front of them, selects their own language and embarks on a unique video-guided tour of Lisbon.

A system supported by geo-referenced interactive software, with videos automatically displayed by GPS along the route and with the possibility for the passenger to create their own tour by selecting videos and exploring the interactive Lisbon map during the route.


With countless historical contents of images, videos and audio developed with the support of several institutional partners, this is a tour that allows you to go back in time and unravel unknown stories of Lisbon.

This tour is the result of many months of research into the history of Lisbon, with the support of numerous institutional partners with whom we validated content and collected images and historical videos of the city, which allowed us to tell many surprising stories about the city of Lisbon.

Fall in love with the history of Lisbon, meet her on video always sitting comfortably on our bus!

The caravel bus

And with history as the driving force behind our tour of Lisbon, we presented a different bus, inspired by the history of Portugal – a caravel bus. Going back to the time of the great maritime epics and feeling the Portuguese adventurous spirit, we sought inspiration for the most celebrated means of transport ever produced in Portugal – the caravels.

Inspired by the lines of the wood in the hull, in the bold bow and in the sterncastle, a bus from the 21st century emerged looking for its roots in the 15th century caravels.

And last but not least, we have defined a unique route, approved by the Lisbon authorities that passes through Alfama, Mouraria and Chiado, going through the oldest neighborhoods and the narrowest streets, following the view of the Tagus, towards Belém.

regular tourist circuit in lisbon

Today, we depart every day, every two hours, from the city center and offer a narrated tour in 6 languages ​​(Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian).

Learn about regular caravel tours or special tours for cruise passengers. And if you think about taking a bus tour for groups in Lisbon, you are invited to visit Lisbon with us!