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Caravel on Wheels - Lisbon history on a Video Tour

Caravel on Wheels is a unique concept in the range of Lisbon tours and activities that offers a different way to see Lisbon and learn history on a bus tour guided by video. With its debut in 2016, our caravel buses have been roaming Lisbon streets contributing to the innovation in Lisbon tourism. If you love new ideas and are especially interested in learning while travelling, see more about our guided tour, that combines sightseeing and video.

A unique Lisbon tour

We are true believers that today we can absorb information through many media and that video has become key in our lives, so we asked ourselves… Why not tell Lisbon’s history, through video, as we move along the city? Wouldn’t this be an amazing experience? And new in Lisbon? To watch videos about Lisbon’s history while on a tour around the city? To be able to see Lisbon on a city tour and the inside of many churches and museums without needing to hop-off the bus?

We believed we could make a great tour and Caravel on Wheels became Lisbon’s only sightseeing Historical Video Tour! An innovation in tourism in Lisbon.

A Lisbon touristic buses: multimedia, inspired by history

Our Lisbon buses provides each passenger with a tablet and we provide the earphones.

We made the most of our past careers in Marketing and Advertising and invested in top quality videos and contents about the city.

We found a new software partner that made it possible to have interactive maps and geo-localized video contents that are triggered automatically as we move along the city.

We decide to anchor this sightseeing tour new in Lisbon in Portugal’s most daring time in history – the Discoveries! And so we challenged a bus partner company to make an exclusive, custom-made caravel shaped bus for Caravel on Wheels.

Last but not least, we chose a unique route for our Lisbon tour, approved by Lisbon authorities that goes to Alfama, Mouraria, Chiado, through Lisbon narrow streets and as far as Belém.

Multimedia Tour with Individual Tablets on every seat

A bus inspired in a Caravel from the Age of Discoveries

Then, we made it accessible! We depart every day, every two hours, right from the city centre. And the tour is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

We hope you decide to join us and experience this new tour in Lisbon and that you will be as touched with Lisbon’s beauty and impressive history as we are ourselves. Enjoy!

Great Journeys!

Susana Baptista Fernandes, on behalf of Caravel on Wheels Team

Innovating in Lisbon Tourism

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