Santos Populares Festivities

In Portugal, there is no month more lively than June!

Throughout the country, during the so famous portuguese festivities “Santos Populares”, three saints are celebrated depending on the city where we are at: in Lisbon Saint Anthony is celebrated on the night from 12 to 13 of June. In Porto, from June 23 to 24, Saint John is honored and, in other cities, Saint Peter is tributed days later. 



 In Lisbon, the preparations have already started more than a week ago! The streets are already adorned with balloons of different colors and the smell of grilled sardines hangs in the air. For Lisboners, the Santos Populares festivities are the reason to meet friends at the typical neighborhoods, eat and dance to popular Portuguese songs. But to tell you how this all began, we need to go back a bit in time.



Contrary to what a lot of people think, St. Anthony is not the patron of Lisbon, but St. Vincent. Still, St. Anthony is one of the greatest icons of Lisbon! Are you curious about why is that? Continue reading!


Did you know that… ?   

…  baptized as Fernando, in adulthood he adopted the name Anthony?

… that the reason why it is known by Saint Anthony of Padua, is related to the place of his death and not birth?

… he preached the word of God through Morocco and Italy?

… in honor of its popularity as a matchmaker, the Marriages of Saint Anthony were created in 1958? And, even today, this tradition does still continue?

… the biggest Lisbon festivity is celebrated on the day of his death, June 13, and it’s an holiday?

… is also known as the Saint of Lost Objects? If you lose something just say the following prayer: “St. Anthony, please look everywhere; Find what I missed and it must be found.

     Well, we do not want to reveal all the secrets! Learn more at Museum of St. Anthony, next to the Church with the same name, near the Lisbon Cathedral.


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