Lisbon is as amazing city to enjoy during your cruise! Sunny, hectic, old, modern, welcoming, tasty… and overall an authentic experience!

So please, do take the time to come out of the cruise ship and enjoy our amazing city!

However on a cruise day, when we get 2000, 3000, 5000 people in one day at the same dock, it tends to get confusing and it is sometimes a stressful time, especially if it is your first time here. Our advise is to just smile and remember that you are on holidays and if you get confused just ask a local, anyone will be glad to do help you!

Caravel on Wheels Cruise Dock

Keep in mind that during 2016 and 2017 the downtown areas close to the river are undergoing extensive constructions… the new cruise dock in Lisbon is under construction and on both sides of the amazing “Praça do Comércio” either in Campo das Cebolas or in Cais do Sodré, there are extensive works taking place. Traffic is therefore a challenge and a walk to the city centre gets a bit confusing, but relax… it will get much better.


This being said, do not let this deter you from coming, as you can still peacefully enjoy the charm of Lisbon as soon as you get into Downtown in Baixa, Chiado, Alfama ou Bairro Alto – just the getting there can be a bit challenging.

If you only have some hours in Lisbon we normally suggest you take a tour that shows you the Belém area in the morning but then return to the city centre. On a cruise day do not try to visit the main monuments in Belém as they will be completely full and the wait will be maddening. The afternoon can be spent in the heart of the city – Baixa and Chiado, closer to the ship dock.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cruise days, the sometimes long queues, and be sure the tour you chosse is picking you up and dropping you off at the same place, take a look at our tour. On most cruise days we have a special departures in the morning from the cruise dock (Santa Apolónia or Jardim do Tabaco) normally at 9:30/9:45 and at 11:45. You just need to check our calendar.

IMG-20160901-WA0007So if you want to book in advance and avoid the lines, we will be there for you…

Why choose Caravel on Wheels when on a cruise?

1 – We have a set departure time and you know when to board. You skip the lines and the uncertainty on boarding an hop-on, hop-off, and never knowing when you hop-off, when the next bus will arrive and if you will have place on the next bus.

2 -You have your own comfortable seat throughout the tour and an on-seat tablet and headphones are given to you and you will be privy to many amazing stories about the city and our handpicked fado playlist in the background.

3 – As we move along the city and see the best points of interest of Lisbon you will see many videos we have prepared for you that will surprise you with the history of the city but will also show you the inside of many museums, churches and monuments, that on any other tour would be impossible to see. Our aim is for you to love Lisbon and make you want to return and take more time to explore.

4 – We have an unique tour that follows part of the 28 tram and the 12 tram and crosses paths with the 15 tram in Belém. Why? Because Caravel on Wheels is the only tour that shows you on the same tour to go into the old city showing you Mouraria, Alfama and the beautiful Portas do Sol square, but also follow the tram tracks in Baixa and up the hills of Chiado, then crosses Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Rato and Estrela and heads to Belém. In Belém we take the time to show you all the monuments from the Discoveries (Unesco World Heritage): The Discoveries Monument, Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery but also the beautiful and upscale Restelo neighbourhood.

5 –  This is a tour that was done with our hearts. Truly! We have a caravel-shaped bus (the most famous portuguese ship from the Discoveries), we have done extensive research on Lisbon history supported by many Lisbon Cultural Institutions and have produced exclusive videos that explain more about this amazing city – the oldest capital of western Europe… All this, in short videos, triggered automatically, that integrate perfectly with the sightseeing.

6 –  It is a smaller and more personalized tour, away from the tourism hustle! We have 29 places so this is not a private tour, it is not a small van tour, but compared to the standard double decker buses standard tour, it almost seems private. Our driver will welcome you, our assistant will be there to make sure your tablet is working, your sound is right and you are ready to go.

7 –  Although Lisbon is mostly sunny it also rains and we are prepared. Or caravel is an opened bus but we have shades when it is too hot and a complete transparent rain cover for the winter.

8 –  The locals love it! We are proud to say that since we started we have had great reviews from our locals… Lisbon couples, families and groups of friends that have re-discovered Lisbon an have been saying really good things about us. And also from the tourist that have come along, so just check out our reviews.

9 –  With over 1h10 of videos we also wanted to have this tour in as many languages as possible. We are however committed to have great voice-overs and great people doing the audio… So we now have portuguese, english, spanish, french, german and italian, all done by natives that have lived in Portugal for quite some time. 

Why have you never heard of us?

Because we are new to the Lisbon scene... We have just started in late June 2016 and have been fully operational since and we promise you will hear much more about us! 🙂

We would love to have your trust and take you around Lisbon!

And please do give us feedback as we aim at having the perfect Lisbon Tour!

Good trip!

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