Monument of the Discoveries

LEARN ABOUT THE 32 PORTUGUESE HEROES OF THE DISCOVERIES AT THE MONUMENT OF THE DISCOVERIES Go to the top Viewpoint and enjoy a unique panoramic view of Lisbon The beautiful Monument of the Discoveries is shaped like a caravel from the Discoveries, heading to sea at the Tagus river. This is a tribute to the heroes […]

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Cape Bojador – the Cape of Fear – Where the World Ended!

CONQUERING ANCIENT FEARS, SAILING SOUTH AND THE BEGINNING OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD. For centuries it was common belief that the world ended a little further than Morocco and that there was no sea or land below. But in 1434 brave Portuguese navigators, sent by Prince Henry, conquer the Cape. And in the following […]

Lisbon on a Cruise? Some tips and a hassle free tour!

Lisbon is as amazing city to enjoy during your cruise! Sunny, hectic, old, modern, welcoming, tasty… and overall an authentic experience! So please, do take the time to come out of the cruise ship and enjoy our amazing city! However on a cruise day, when we get 2000, 3000, 5000 people in one day at the same […]

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