What to do in Lisbon during the Eurovision Finals and the best Lisbon Tours!

After the great performance of Salvador Sobral at the 2017 Eurovision Portugal is proud to host is first Eurovision Final, the event will happen at Altice Arena, one of the biggest venues that Lisbon has to offer located in the modern part of the city known as “Parque das Nações”.

So if you thinking about visiting Lisbon and see the amazing Eurovision show that the Portuguese are preparing this article with help plan your trip! Enjoy the best Lisbon Tours and the wonders of the city with 7 hills and get to know more about the most trending European city.

Where is The Eurovision Song Contest?

In the most recent and modern part of town, you will find the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest, Altice Arena the venue that is for the Portuguese synonymy to big events and great concerts.

The venue is in “Oriente” in a place called “Parque das Nações” an area that once hosted the Expo 98 fair and now is the main business area of Lisbon, near buy you can find equipment like FIL that host a lot of business fair and events like Websumit and right next to it Altice Arena, but you will find other types of equipment like “Pavilhão de Portugal”, the shopping mall “Vasco da Gama”, the aquarium “Oceanário de Lisboa”…

Caravel on wheels- Altice Arena Entrance
Caravel on Wheels Flags near Altice Arena
Caravel on Wheels_ ALtice Arena Logo at the entrance

How to get there?

From the city centre to “Gare do Oriente” is a 20-minute ride by car, but there are a lot of ways to go there using the public transportations that something is the best option from those you don’t know the city so well.

In other to arrive at Altice Arena you can go by metro and just exit in the red line at the station of “Oriente”, buy train , that you can catch at the Railway Station of Santa Apolónia and you still have the option to go by bus and stop at “Gare do Oriente” here some buses that you can use 708, 750, 759, 782, 794, 208, 705 and 708.

What to do in the area of Altice Arena?

Visit the aquarium “Oceanário de Lisboa” nominated by Trip Advisor the best aquarium in the world in 2017. Inside you will find the main aquarium containing 5 million litres of seawater. Around this main aquarium, you will find other 4 marine habitats given the illusion of one aquarium and a sole ocean. You will find all kinds of marine species like fishes, invertebrates, amphibians, sea otters, plants and algae.

The Oceanário de Lisboa’s has now a temporary exhibition called “Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano” that features tropical forests inside a magnificent aquarium.

The aquarium is open from 10 am to 6 pm and the ticket for one adult is 15€.

Caravel on Wheels - Oceanário Lisboa
Caravel on Wheels Oceanário de Lisboa and Altice Arena
Caravel on Wheels- Oceanário de Lisboa

If you love science you can visit “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” a place where science comes to live! With several expositions, this science centre presents you with several experiments and activities that explore themes from biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics… a day of discoveries from adults and children.

Go and spend the afternoon discovering the light, vision, perception, waves and other scientific discoveries from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on the weekends from 11 am to 19 pm, closes on Mondays, the ticket is 9€ per adult

Caravel on wheels_ Pavilhão do Conhecimento from
Caravel on Wheels_Entrance and fountain near Pavilhão do Conhecimento
Caravel on Wheels- Pavilhão do Conhecimento

If you want to have a coffee or a drink we recommend the area near “Marina do Parque da Nações” for Altice Arena is a 10-minute walk along the river heading south, near this marine, you will find several restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the view at sunset.

Caravel on wheels- View to the Myriad hotel and bridge Vasco da Gama
Caravel on Wheels - Boats at the Parque da nações marine
Caravel on wheels- Boats at the marine of Parque das nações

Feeling lucky? If so you can visit “Casino de Lisboa”. This casino inaugurated in 2006 is one of the most recent entertainment infrastructures from Parque das Nações.

With is minimalist architecture inside you will find a futuristic space with opal floors and glass walls that merge with alluring visual projections. Entertainment, gambling, gastronomy and culture are joined together in this unique Casino.

Need something new to wear to the semi-finals or finals of the Eurovision Sound Contest? The shopping mall Vasco da Gama may have the perfect outfit for you, right in front of the main entrance of Altice Arena, you will find a space with more than 170 stores and 32 restaurants, perfect for a quick lunch or to buy something to remind you of the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon

Caravel on Wheels- Gare do oriente
Caravel on wheels- Shopping Mall Vasco da Gama main entrance
Caravel on Wheels- Inside Vasco da Gama shopping mall

What to do in Lisbon in one day? The best Lisbon tours to do if you coming to the Eurovision finals!

Speeding just a few days for the Eurovision Song Contest and still want to see the historical centre of Lisbon? We have the perfect solution for you!

Caravel on Wheels is a smaller sightseeing bus that passes by Lisbon historical neighbourhoods and goes to Belem in a tour of 1h45m. Not like every sightseeing bus in Lisbon, this is an audio-video guided tour, that means that you have a tablet that explains in small videos the history behind Lisbon top attractions. A different way to visit the city. Be a navigator aboard this unique Lisbon tour.

So if you coming to Eurovision Song Contest book your tour now! “All Aboard”!

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