Cape Bojador – the Cape of Fear – Where the World Ended!


For centuries it was common belief that the world ended a little further than Morocco and that there was no sea or land below. But in 1434 brave Portuguese navigators, sent by Prince Henry, conquer the Cape. And in the following years they head south discovering for the first time Africa’s coast and the Age of the Discoveries begins.

The sea at Cape Bojador was known to swallow whole ships that sunk in its giant waves, consumed by fire, with crews at the mercy of feared sea monsters. A suicidal mission from which there was no return.

But Prince Henry is a visionary and, for over a decade managed, sent several expeditions south. After over 15 failed attempts, Gil Eanes conquers the Cape in 1434 and this becomes one of the most important achievements of maritime history, reported all over Europe and represents a mind change from fear to the will to discover.

The medieval myths are at an end and a new world emerges. Fear was never again a reason to not set sail. And for the first time the navigators understand the need to envolve technologically and to be able to sail without seeing land, understanding currents and planning a course.

Cape Bojador is still today a very shallow even at high sea, with depths of little over 2m, where storms, rough sea and raging winds are frequent. Still a respected Cape by today’s sailors.

Have you ever been to Cape Bojador? We would love you to share your photos.

Have you ever sailed to Cape Bojador? Tell us about the sea and what you discovered!

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